Merry Christmas...

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to me!  I told y'all that I would try to use this blog page to highlight my favorite things that are handmade by some awesome artists.  This week I used some Christmas money to buy this amazing handbag from a seller in Italy!  Ooh La La, amiright? 
Leather Handbag
I have searched for months for a new bag and had a hard time choosing because Etsy  has so many awesome bags!  I finally settled on this bag because of the POCKETS!  OMG does it have pockets!  Leather Handbag pockets
The pockets are a must for people like me who think they need to carry all of their belongings in their handbag.  I have a zipper pocket for the seven lipsticks, four lip liners, two lip balms, and a partridge in a pear tree.  I have a pocket for the Advil, allergy medicines and leg cramp pills (prepared for any disaster!).  I have a pocket for my glasses.  I have a front pocket for my cell phone!  The center pocket will hold an ipad but I will be using it for the million receipts I collect.  This baby even has brass feet to keep it from sitting on the ground.  And I will be carrying my bag hook to keep it from really being on the ground!
One of the best features of this amazing shop is that they shipped within a day and I received my bag, all the way from Italy, within TWO days!  You read that came via Fedex within TWO DAYS!  So friends, put on your pajamas, grab a glass of Italian wine and head on over to the Florence Leather Shop on Etsy to buy yourself a gorgeous handbag...except for the one like mine because I'm trying to be original around here. 
*Disclaimer:  I am an Etsy Affiliate Shop so anything you buy from one of my links will net me a few shekels to cover my lip balm addiction.  This comes at no cost to you!

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