About Us

It all began with a single project... to make a French memory board that was prettier and a better quality than the mass produced items in the stores.  I quickly realized that if I was searching and coming up empty, others were too, so I started selling my memory boards on Etsy.  It wasn't long before I had a lot of scrap fabric laying around and couldn't throw it away.  I discovered Kanzashi!  Only, it required tiny pieces of fabric that were larger than my patience.  I took the art and put my own twist on it to create a wearable item for ladies of all ages.  

Each item for sale here is handcrafted by me, in my studio, using designer fabrics and top quality materials.  Flower hair accessories have a felt back for comfort and long wear.  French memory boards are finished on the back with felt and ribbon to protect both the board and your walls, and they have sawtooth hangers so they can be hung both vertically and horizontally (fabric pattern providing).