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Rolled Fabric Flowers to be Used For Your Own Creations

$ 5.00
Create your own items with these rolled fabric flowers.  They are the perfect flower for wreaths, hair accessories or even jewelry.  Each color pack will have the flowers in the photos.  The flowers in each pack will vary in size and will be anywhere from 1/2" to 3" in diameter.  The flowers are made from designer fabrics, including some that are upcycled from other items.

Pink-11 flowers that range from light pink to hot pink.
Red-8 flowers that include prints and solids.
Purple-13 flowers that range from lavender to dark purple and includes prints and solids.
Blue-20 flowers that range from light to dark blue and includes prints and solids.
Green-14 flowers that includes prints and solids
Yellow/Orange-9 flowers in both yellow and orange solids and prints.
Brown/Black-6 flowers in a range of brown and black solids.
White/Gold-8 flowers in both white and gold.  The largest white flowers are a knit fabric.
Gray-7 flowers in a range of light to dark gray and includes solids and prints.

The packs are priced based on the number of flowers.  If you would like a custom set, please convo me.

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